Bonded Flush Fit Windows

We specialise in supplying quality flush bonded windows to most panel vans and we fit them as standard with our range of camper vans we sell. We can fit them to any vehicle that you wish customised.

You can choose from fixed or opening side windows in privacy or standard factory (OEM) tint. They are made of glass or plastic and have a very flush fit, keeping the same smooth lines as the van exterior.

Bonded windows give a larger field of vision, as the edge is small. Some can open by swinging upwards, hinged at the top like a caravan window. This allows the window to be opened up to allow air in.

Ply Lining

Without proper finishing, a van's metallic body may fall prey to rust, which is often considered a death sentence for the vehicle. It not only harms the van's appearance but also other equipment. Since it can help to improve a van's longevity, a ply lining kit is truly a worthwhile investment. That is why as part of the process of converting a vehicle, we fit ply linings made from high-grade plywood.